As per 2011, Census the Urban population is 72194 out of which the Male population is 37856 and Female population is 34338 and it is spreaded over whole of the Cantonment mainly in Sadar Bazar, BI Bazar, RA Bazar, BC Bazar.

Military Population - 21490 (as per census 2011)

Total - 93684

The growth rate for calculation of population has been taken 2% per year. The present population of the Meerut Cantt approx would be about 1,00,000.
Lighting of Streets and other public places.

Sanitation of areas by cleaning of streets, roads, public places and drains etc.

Suggestion to improve the congested residential areas.

Development plan - Traffic regulation.

Multi level Parking Complex at Mangal Pandey Bazar.

Multipurpose Community Hall, BC Bazar.