A Board may, within the cantonment, make provision for-
(i) laying out in areas, whether previously built upon or not, new streets, and acquiring land for that purpose and for the construction of buildings, and compounds of buildings,to abut on such streets;
(ii) constructing,establishing or maintaining public parks, gardens, offices, dairies, bathing or washing places, drinking fountains, tanks, wells and other worksof public utility;
(iii) reclaiming unhealthy localities;
(iv) furthering educational objects by measures other than the establishment and maintenance of primary schools;
(v) setting up or supporting higher schools, colleges and vocational, professional and special education;
(vi) constructing, and maintaining works and structures, including rainwater harvesting, for providing supply,of water for public and private purposes;
(vii) constituting, maintaining and managing supply and distribution of electricity, including by exploiting,non-conventional energy sources, to public and private premises;
(viii) taking a census and granting rewards for information which may tend to secure the correct registration of vital statistics;
(ix) making a survey;
(x) giving relief on the occurrence of local epidemics, floods, famines or other natural calamities by the,establishment or maintenance of relief work or otherwise;
(xi) securing or assisting to secure suitable places for the carrying on of any offensive dangerous or obnoxious,trade, calling or occupation;
(xii) establishing and maintaining a farm or other place for the disposal of sewage;
(xiii) constructing, subsidizing or guaranteeing tramways or other means of locomotion, and electric lighting or electric power work;
(xiv) establishing and maintaining cattle pounds;
(xv) arranging for civic reception with prior approval of the Officer Commanding the Station;
(xvi) providing housing accommodation for any class of inhabitants;
(xvii) conservation and maintenance of ancient and historical monuments, archaeological sites and remains or place of public importance in the cantonment;
(xviii) developing land resources under the management of the Board;
(xix) preparing and implementing group housing schemes.
(xx) establishing and undertaking remunerative projects;
(xxi) developing small-scale and cottage industries;
(xxii) developing expertise in different areas of urban governance and local self-government to and able to provide consultancy to other Municipal and Development Authorities;
(xxiii) adopting any measure, other than a measure specified in section 62 or in the foregoing provisions of this section likely to promote the safety, health or convenience of the inhabitants of the cantonment;