Meerut Cantonment area being open and having attractive commercial center with parking spaces, the flow of city population with mechanically propelled vehicles, has increased in Cantonment during the last decade. Besides this, National Highway Delhi - Roorkee Road runs through the Cantonment area.

This type of inter mixing traffic has caused serious problem in regulating traffic in the Cantonment. Moreover, the number of mechanized vehicles have also increased in the Cantonment. This inter-city flow of traffic has crowded the road intersections in the Cantonment area. In order to manage this traffic and to avoid accidents and overcrowding, the Board has

installed traffic signals on the following crossings:-

  1. 1. Begum Bridge
  2. 2.Delhi Roorkee road crossing on Mall Road.

It is proposed to install more traffic signal lights at crossing of roads leading to Mawana, Rohta Phatak Road and Boundary Road alongwith painting of roads etc during the plan period to improve and regulate traffic in Cantonment area. The estimated cost for this is proposed Rs 40 lacs during the plan period.


The National Highway Delhi - Roorkee Road passes through the Cantonment carrying heavy vehicular regional as well as local traffic. This National Highway has also been linked with city roads for the local traffic. The Cantonment Board has proposed collection of Toll Tax. The roads normally remain busy with vehicles obstructing free and smooth flow of local traffic. The installation of Toll Tax posts and improvement of Toll Tax collection sites for smooth flow of traffic, Board proposes Rs 50 lacs approximately.


Lighting of Streets and other public places.

Sanitation of areas by cleaning of streets, roads, public places and drains etc.


Suggestion to improve the congested residential areas.

Development plan - Traffic regulation.


Multi level Parking Complex at Mangal Pandey Bazar.

Multipurpose Community Hall, BC Bazar.